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Category - Blog

Oscar Lester (Triple Blak Art)


Oscar Lester is a someone who can with a stroke of  brush light up a room.  His visual arts are on the rise as notable public figures are taking notice. His work speaks to you and now we…

Antoinette Alcazar


art: Noun the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. You know what’s amazing?…

Kara Zediker

actress, Blog

She’s played roles in movies next to some of the biggest stars in the film industry. She’s played roles on some of the hottest television shows. Her resume, pretty thick! 24, Chicago P.D., Charmed, Star Trek, Rock Star,…

Amy Alexander

Author, Blog

She is an amazingly talented young writer/author, her name is Amy Alexander! We discuss life, future goals, & her latest project which is a fascinating book called “Fading Colors”. Let’s dig in!!! Fading Colors Synopsis: Autumm Sparrow, a…

Gigity.TV (Rich Seng)

Blog, Business, New Artists, streaming

Ideas are powerful especially in motion! Akshul recently chatted with the talented innovator/entrepreneur Rich Seng. He’s the creator of the popular worldwide live broadcasting site Gigity Tv, which has taken off in such a short amount of time.…

Author Tony Bowers


Akshul caught up with native Chicagoan Tony Bowers. He’s a teacher, writer, author, family man just to name a few. We discuss his passions for teaching and writing, & future projects he’s working on. 1) “Was there a particular…

Everyday We Are pt. 2 (commercial)

Blog, Business, Video

Everyday We Are pt.2 Posted by Akshul on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Christopher Nolen


We sit down with the immensely talented writer/producer/director Christopher Nolen. He’s produced a number of successful films, won multiple awards, & well respected for his dynamic work. We discuss his passion for films, coming up in Chicago, &…

Dream Cafe & Grille


The Mother Englewood mural sits vibrant when I approach and I’m getting anxious. I heard a little about the dream before it became reality because I’ve known the man behind the Dream for years. I’m thinking “Hey I’m…

EVERYDAY WE ARE (commercial)

Blog, Business, Video

Everyday We Are"Everyday We Are" Posted by Akshul on Thursday, August 13, 2015



One of the best joys in life most would agree is being able to do what you want to do and like what it is you’re doing at the same time.  Akshul had the opportunity to reach to…